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Dermot Brannigan is an appointed representative of Sanlam Partnerships Ltd., which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 424242.

   Our Principal

Dermot Brannigan

Dermot first entered the financial services industry in 1988. He joined a financial services company as a tied agent, and quickly learned the fundamentals to providing sound, ethical advice. He sat and passed the Financial Planning Certificates 1,2 & 3, long before it became compulsory to do so. Having held a position of management for nearly eight years, he set up as a mortgage broker in 1998.

At that time it was still fairly uncommon for someone to work solely as a mortgage broker, but Dermot worked closely with a number of other advisers, providing mortgage advice to their clients.

Dermot continued on this vein, passing the relevant mortgage exams, until 2004. With the advent of regulation in the mortgage market, it was becoming increasingly expensive to run a mortgage brokerage on his own, and therefore he sought out an IFA practice to work within and enhance his knowledge on other areas of financial advice. He joined Capital Planning, who subsequently became Foster Denovo in 2005.

In 2006, Dermot was asked by a legal firm in Reading to act as an Expert Witness and gave evidence in court.  In 2007, Dermot sat and succesfully passed the Certificate in Equity Release qualification. In 2008, Dermot decided to go back to setting up his own business and providing clients with independent, ethical financial advice.  In 2012 he successfully attained Level 4 Diploma in Financial Advice and a copy of his Statement of Professional Standing is available from this website.

Dermot has also been asked by many solicitors to act as an Expert Witness in legal cases where advice and its suitability is being questioned.

You will notice on this website, various references to Dermot’s beliefs and principles. He has worked extensively on word of mouth to build his business, as well as developing a reputation so that other industry professionals feel comfortable recommending him to their clients.

As Dermot is still younger than the average IFA, he feels that over the next 15-20 years he will be able to build a successful financial practice that has the needs and requirements of the client, at its heart.











Principal Dermot Brannigan