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Dermot Brannigan is an appointed representative of Sanlam Partnerships Ltd., which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA No. 424242.

   Our Beliefs

We believe personal recommendation is a key factor in determining how professional a financial advice practice is. We consider it to be the basis for judging how we are performing. Other than this website, we do not see the need to advertise anywhere, instead we prefer to be personally recommended to our clients.
We believe that you have a choice as to how you receive financial advice. So, if we are fortunate enough to be your advisers then we must understand that you also have the choice to vary that in the future. If we are not doing what we said we would do, then you will vote with your feet.
Through the benefit of our experience, we believe that people buy people.  Therefore we feel it is vitally important the adviser you choose to take care of your finances, understands fully what your plans are and what you like and don't like.
We also believe that if you have asked for advice, we will tell you what you need to know, and not just what you want to hear.  Having had our advice, it is entirely your decision as to how you wish to proceed, and there may be areas you do not agree with
We also believe that every client must be treated as if they are the only one you have, and every case must be treated as if it were your own.  Treat people as you wish to be treated.
We also believe that financial planning is more about strategies and plans to achieve goals, rather than the products themselves.  Each product should have a reason why it was recommended and it must aim to achieve something, even if it is just protecting what you have.
We believe that as things and times change, therefore your plans should be flexible enough to change with you.  Therefore regular reviews must be undertaken to ensure things are on track.
We believe that communication should be in plain language.  The finance industry is very good at using phrases and words that only mean something to those within the industry.  Therefore we aim to explain things in terms that you will understand.
We believe that it is not our money we are advising on. Therefore advice will be tailored to your own particular situation, and each person’s situation is different. So what may suit one person, may not be right for someone else.











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